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Live consultations and sessions with Anna

anna leavesDo you wish that you could have personalized dog advice, tailored to you and your dog from everywhere (and almost anytime!) – now you can!

After spending 20 years doing private, in-home dog behavioral sessions and training, Anna understand that each dog and household is unique and what works on one, will be different with another – applies to both dogs and people.  With this extensive amount of experience, Anna is now able to offer live consultations remotely while you are within the comfort of your home. Anna has worked with some of the most severe and challenging cases of dog behavior and she has an enormous experience of understanding each dogs unique circumstance and therefor able assist the human partner in helping make their lives easier together. 

Quick and simple process, just fill out form and select which option you would like to schedule and you will receive an email with confirmation email from Anna with a date and time reserved for your consultation.

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